We love underrated music! We debated as to whose taste in music is more basic, and then we realized, why not make a website for that! Any chance to work with new APIs and technologies, we'll take it.

The user must give access to their Spotify account. Once granted, they can view a general overview of their Spotify stats (their top artists and genres). Each user gets a unique referral code, upon sharing with a friend, they'll be able to view their friend's statistics against their own. Hence, settling the battle once and for all, who has the more basic taste in music ;)

Share your referral code with up to 2 friends!


At the moment, we store user's information like their Spotify IDs and stats. Going further, we'll delete these stats a week after the user's first login attempt. This way you wouldn't have to worry about you information being misused.

Privacy-friendly analytics! We made use of Simple Analytics, a service that doesn't store any personal information about the users and doesn't require us to annoy users with "Here, eat a cookie" messages. This provided us with a simple dashboard where we can view how manyfew people are using our application!

By authenticating our application, you are giving us consent to store your information in our database. This data will not be sold to any third-party applications/trackers.